It’s important to understandwhat some of the rules or regulations might be,you know, that are around a problem -for example, a fence or a tree. You know, where does the law standin terms of what you can or can’t do?But, yes, who else can you go and talk to?You can go and talk to a council,you can get on the legal handbookto find out what your responsibilities areas an owner of landin relation to building a fenceor removal of a tree. If you wanted interpretation -legal interpretation and legal’s opinion -you could go onto a legal community siteor ring up the local legal community centreand get legal opinion,at most times at free cost to you. Well, in terms of dealing with neighbourhood disputes,you can get a lot of legal advicefrom the internet. There’s Law Handbook Online that you can approachand they do set out a lot of the fencingand clauses to do with trees and things. So that might be your first point. There’s also community legal centres. You can look it up online or look it up in the Yellow Pages. You’ll be able to find out where they’re locatedand what their contact numbers are. So they’ll actually tell you what your rights arein relation to the law. There’s also the Disputes Settlement Centrethat could help you out withwhat you can do in terms of dealing with your neighbour. But if what you’re looking foris specifically legal advice,then my advice is to go to Law Handbook Onlineor to contact your nearest community legal centre.

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