Sunwest Trust Does NOT Provide Self Directed IRA Legal AdviceHi, my name is Terry White, CEO of Sunwest Trust, and this afternoon, and I’m glad you’re with me. What I wanted to talk about today, is the ‘Ask The Expert’ button that we have on the front of our website, and explain to you a little bit more about that, why it’s there, and encourage you to use it. First of all, we get lots of questions, from either potential customers, or customers, about tax issues; how a particular issue might be viewed by the IRS; and then also, in some cases, some legal advice. So, we’re not in a position to answer the tax issues, for more than one reason, the number one thing would be you know, we’re not really paid to do that, and we don’t charge for that; and the other thing is, probably the major thing is, we don’t know your entire situation, so, if you were to call us up and say, ‘hey, I want to buy this piece of property, my last name’s White, obviously, and I want to rent this piece of property, to Suzie Smith’. Suzie Smith may be my daughter, that’s married, which would make that a prohibited transaction, but the person you talk to here at Sunwest Trust doesn’t know that. So, we can’t really answer those questions, because we don’t know your entire situation. And so that’s why we always encourage you to talk to your own tax professional, or your own tax attorney. Because they will be more familiar with your specific situation. So, what we’ve done in an attempt to try to help you, with answering some of those questions, is we’ve given you this ‘Ask the Expert’ button; and we hired JM Consulting a few years back, and you send them an e-mail with your question, and I think they get back to you, like, within forty-eight hours. It’s pretty quick turnaround, but they have to do, sometimes have to do some research; sometimes they may have to clarify what you’re asking, or ask for some more information; but then they give you a very conservative approach, based on internal revenue code, and the Department of Labor, and they give you the answer, that you can then, if you want, you can take that to your CPA, or your tax attorney, and say that, ‘this is what I asked, this is what they told me, is there a way we can do something different to make this work, or you know, is this a situation that we just can’t do’. So, I would encourage you to use that, resource, as much as you can, we pay them, whether you use it or not,so, the more you use it, the better, and the more bang we get for our buck. So, we encourage you to use it, you just click on that button, you agree that you understand they’re not your representative,they’re not our representative. They’re just an independent consulting firm that’s answering questions, based on the information you give them, and then they will e-mail that information back to you. So, I hope that’s useful for you, and I hope it helps you understand, and, I think a lot of times, people call our office, and they get kind of the pat answer that we don’t give tax advice, we don’t give investment advice, we’re not; we can’t give legal advice, and they think that we’re just trying to be hard to get along with, but we’re really not. We want to make sure that you get the best advice, for your particular situation, and we’re just not in a position to give that to you. And, it’s really not part of the service we provide, so hopefully, that will give you a better understanding. And then, next time, on Tuesday at Two, we’ll go back to the Self-Directed IRA Handbook, begin going over some of that stuff again. So, I hope you’ll join me next week, for Tuesday at Two.

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