Hi. My name’s Andy Gale. I’m a business attorney and I practice here in Orange County California. I had a client retain us this week who wanted to form a corporation for his bail bond company. And bail bondsmen, like a lot of other people, are licensed professionals in the state ofCalifornia, and whenever you have a license that’s given to you by the state, a lot oftimes there are some unique requirements that are placed upon you that are not placed onthe typical business corporation. And so I want to just walk you through one of thoseexamples, which happens to do with how you select and how you get approved the name foryour bail bond corporation. Many times, the first step in getting your corporation formedis filing the articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State. However, in the caseof a bail bond corporation, there’s actually a preliminary step, and that step is gettingyour corporate name approved by the Department of Insurance. if you happen to do things inreverse, that is file your articles of incorporation, get a name approved by the Secretary of State,and then go check with the Department of Insurance, the Department of Insurance could reject theproposed name that you have and then you’ll be stuck with either having to go back andamend your articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State or from that pointforward doing business under a fictitious business name, which is not always desirable. So the steps that you need to go through in order to you get your name approved are these. First, you’d go to the California Department of Insurance at this URL, and you would wantto familiarize yourself with what the descriptive or definitive words are that need to appearinside the corporate name. So in this particular case, we will go to the definitive word sectionand you will find that, under the law, what is required for a bail bond company is thata bail applicant or a bail licensee must include the word “bail” in its corporate name. Soif you just happen to do ABC Enterprises and submit that for approval with the Departmentof Insurance, they will reject it, but if you have the ABC Bail Company, or ABC BailCorporation, or something with the word “bail” in it then that would be approved. Next whatyou need to do is you need to review the Exceptions to Name Approval Requirements, and there isan entire list put out in the code found here in the Department of Insurance’s website. Sorry. And it’s found in the California Insurance Code regulations where they will talk aboutthe exceptions to the name approval requirements, and then the list of unacceptable words ishere in California Code of Regulations, and none of these words can appear in your corporatename. Otherwise that will get rejected as well. And then finally, what you want to doto do a “quick and dirty” search, if you will, is go to the business entity name search here,and you will click on your name search here, and you can run a check. If your name, ifthe two first words of your corporate name conflicts with another, in this case bailbond company, then the Department of Insurance will not permit you to use that name. So Ihope that was helpful in letting you know some of the nuances that apply to forminga bail bond corporation. If you’re a bail bondsman and are interested in forming a corporationin the state of California, I’d love to be able to help you. Please give me a call. Myname again is Andy Gale. I’m an attorney practicing in Orange County, California.

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