You just received a lawsuit in the mail and you want free legal advice. Hello, I’m RobertTodd and I’m here to answer the question, how to get free legal advice? Well generally,in most states, there is a or an availability for free legal advice from legal aid societiesand legal aid clinics if you qualify from an income standpoint. You have to make lessthan a certain threshold. You have to check with your individual state or county to determinewhat that threshold is. There’s also numerous websites on the Internet that supposedly offerfree legal advice and I would caution you that when you avail yourself of these services,you are getting exactly that, what you are paying for, free legal advice. If you needlegal advice, you are probably better off to seek the services of an attorney or someonespecialized in the area of the law that your problem is concern. I’m Robert Todd and thanyou for watching.